Go through the article to get information on the men legends of Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis Championship. Also explore the titles won by these great men players.

Australian Open Men Legends

A number of players have been regarded as legendary in the field of tennis. Talking about the Australian Open, players like Mats Wilander and Andre Agassi, in the past, and Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal Parera, in the present, are recalled for their superior performance in the sport. Not only have these great men players excelled in the Australian Open championships, but many of them have exhibited best performance in prestigious competitions like the Olympic Games as well. Here is a brief description of the men legends of Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis Championship.

Kenneth Robert Rosewall
Kenneth Robert Rosewall is considered to be one of the legendary tennis players of all times. Born on 2nd November 1934, the Aussie was one of the best players from 1950s to the early 1970s. He was chosen as the World No 1 player several times in the early 1960s. He won the Australian Championship and French Championship at the young age of 18.

Roy Stanley Emerson
Born on November 3, 1936, Roy Stanley Emerson is undoubtedly one of the legends of the Australian Open. The former Australian player won the much-coveted Grand Slam singles title for twelve times and was the winner of 16 Grand Slam men's doubles titles. He won his first Australian Open singles championship in 1963 and then five more in the following years. He won Australian Open doubles championship for three times. By winning 28 Grand Slam titles in total, Roy Emerson set an all-time record for a male player.

Mats Wilander
Mats Wilander is the former World No 1 tennis player. The legendary Swedish sportsperson was born on born 22 August 1964. He won Grand Slam singles titles seven times, from 1982 to 1988. Wilander was the winner of three Gram Slam singles (Australian, French and US Opens) out of the four played in 1988 and became the World No. 1 player for the year. He won the Australian Open twice, when it was still played on grass courts. In 1988, Wilander was the most dominant player on the men's professional tennis tour.

Andre Agassi
Andre Agassi was a former World No 1 player, born on April 29, 1970. He is counted amongst the most talented players in the history of Australian Open. Apart from winning all the four Grand Slam singles titles on three different surfaces, he set the record of being the only male player to have won Golden Slam. The American tennis professional has also won Olympic singles titles. He ahs won 4 Australian Open championships till date (1995, 2000, 2001 and 2003).

Rafael Nadal Parera
World No 1 tennis player, Rafael Nadal Parera is the winner of 5 Grand Slam singles titles and the 2008 Olympic gold medal in singles. He was born to a family of sportsmen, on 3rd June, 1986. He became the second Spanish player to win Wimbledon in 2008. He is the only player to have won the highly coveted French Open title, Wimbledon and the London Queen's club in the same year.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer, the Swiss tennis player, is also counted among the legends of Australian Open. He is considered as one of the promising males singles players in the Open era. He bagged Grand Slam titles for thirteen times and won the Australian Open thrice. He was ranked the World No. 1 player from February 2, 2004, through August 17, 2008.

Rod Laver
Rodney George Rod Laver is one of the legends of Tennis. Rod Laver was the World number 1 player for 7 consecutive years, from 1964 to 1970. He is the only player to have twice won all 4 Tennis Grand Slam singles titles in the same year — first as an amateur in the year 1962 and second as a professional in 1969. The main stadium and centre court where the Australian Open is played, is named after Rod Laver- the Rod Laver Arena.