Get detailed information about venues & grounds for Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis Tournament.

Australian Open Venues

The legendary game Australian Open Tennis tournament is the first of four Grand slams in the international calendar and is hosted in the sports city of Melbourne. Known as the Australian Championship, the game was first contested in 1905 by the players of New Zealand and Australia, and thereafter voyaged many cities in the world until 1972, when it found its permanent address in the city of Melbourne. A city of sports fans, crazy spectators and great cultural-entertainment experience, Melbourne offers the best competence as a venue for the Australian Open.

In Melbourne, the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club was the first to host the legendry game, until when the tournament moved beyond the capacities of the club and sports fans began to find difficulties in accommodating themselves in it. The 1988 tournament was held in the Flinders Park venue, which was particularly built for the event. The tournament next traveled to the 'Rod Arena' in 1996, when the venue adopted a new name 'Melbourne Park' and lately to the newly built Vodafone Arena. These two clubs incorporate a real 'out of this world factor' with their latest and most excellent high tech facilities that can accommodate over 25,000 tennis fans.

The Rod Laver Arena, the incredible stadium at the Melbourne Park, makes it the perfect place for the tournament with its most modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure that further add to its well equipped court, having a capacity to accommodate over 22,000 spectators. The Melbourne Park is credited to have become the only grand Slam host with two stadiums with retractable roofs that will allow play to be continued even in the rain. Lately, the rebound Ace surface is replaced by a cushioned acrylic surface as a response to the extremely high temperature experienced in the courts in Melbourne.