US Open Court of Champions remembers singles champions in the US Open. It is the recognition of the players who made US Open a grand success with their efforts.

US Open Court of Champions

The US Open Court of Champions is a tribute to the champions who have made US Open a Grand Slam with their talent. During the long history of US Open, these players helped the event become one of the largest in the sports.

An Outdoor Pavilion
US Open Court of Champions is a 9,000-square-foot outdoor pavilion. It features a listing of all U.S. singles champions since the competition started in 1881. The pavilion is bounded by the South Entry Gate and the Arthur Ashe Commemorative Garden and Sculpture.

Eligibility for Players
For getting a place in the US Open Court of Champions, players must have won at least one singles title at the U.S. Championships. They must have taken retirement from singles at the US Open in the last five years. Court of Champions was inaugurated in 2003 and first-time inductees included Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Billie Jean King, Rod Laver, Bill Tilden and Helen Wills.