Find out information on history & origin of US Open Grand Slam tennis championship

US Open History

Dealing with US Open history, let us start right with its beginning. US Open started 126 years ago at Rhode Island, off the continental US. The tournament began as an exclusive men's singles and doubles tournament in 1881. Gradually, it transformed as a two-week sports and entertainment extravaganza. It was rechristened from the U.S Championships to the US Open. Its location also changed. Now the tournament is held at Flushing area of New York.

Major Championships
Five major championships held in the US Open are men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles and mixed doubles. The event which began as the single men's tournament has now become a multi-championship event.

Rhode Island Centre
The first tournament was played as U.S. National Singles Championship for men. The venue was the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Islands, and the time was August 1881. Rhode Island remained the venue for the championship for 34 years. During the time, it was the most acclaimed centre of tennis in America. However, in those years, the club was not open to all. Only clubs which were associated with the United States National Lawn Tennis Association were allowed to participate. Men's Doubles was the part of the event right from the starting.

Induction of Women's Games & Mixed Doubles
Womens Singles Championship was added to the US National Championships in 1887. The Women's Doubles followed in 1889. The first women's event was held at the held at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. The U.S. Mixed Doubles Championship officially started in 1892.

Most championships have been organized at the West Side Tennis Club. The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center comes second. Men's doubles has been held at the greatest number of sites. Philadelphia Club, West Side Tennis Club and USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center have hosted the women's singles tournament several times.