Here is information about US Open tennis courts. Among the tennis courts in US Open the important ones are Arthur Ashe Court, Louis Armstrong Court and Grandstand Court.

US Open Tennis Courts

Various tennis courts are used for holding US Open event. The three main courts are Arthur Ashe Court, Louis Armstrong Court and Grandstand Court. Apart from these, several sidecourts are also used. The US Open tennis courts have high quality light system. The matches are played on Deco Turf hard courts.

Arthur Ashe Court
Main court in the US Open is the 24,000-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium. It is christened after Arthur Ashe, the African American tennis player who won the inaugural men's final of the US Open in 1968. This court is also known as Court No.1.

Louis Armstrong Court
Louis Armstrong Court is the Court No.2. It served as the main stadium until the Ashe stadium completed.

Grandstand Court
Grandstand Court is the Court No.3 in the US Open. It is attached to the Louis Armstrong Stadium.

Sidecourts 4, 7 and 11 will also be used during the event. These courts have a seating capacity of more than 1,000.

Light System
Al the courts and spectator regions have been equipped with high quality light system. This means that electronic media coverage of the tournament can extend into prime time. This would ensure more ratings to the tournaments held here. CBS, the American broadcast TV outlet has been covering the Open for many years.

New Look
US Open has bee given blue inner courts and green outer courts. This has been done to make it easier to see the ball. However, the change has received mixed reaction from the players.

DecoTurf Surface
The US Open tournaments are played on Deco Turf hard courts. The hard court offers less friction. Therefore the bounce of the ball is low. This suits the players who are better at the serve and volley. These kinds of players tend to do well on this surface.