Here is full information about US Open records in tennis. The info includes records made in singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches. Info on other records is also here.

US Open Records

Records have been made and broken since the beginning of the US Open. We have segregated the US Open tennis records as men's singles and doubles records, women's singles and doubles records, mixed doubles records, most tournaments and matches, most matches won, and the youngest and oldest champions.
Men's Singles and Doubles Records
  • Jimmy Connors has won the US Open Tennis Tournament on all three courts of US Open.
  • Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras have won the championship five times.
  • John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl and Roger Federe have won the US Open title three consecutive times.
  • The doubles championship record holders are Bob Lutz and Stan Smith.
  • John McEnroe with two different partners won the title 4 times.
  • Bill Tilden has played in most singles finals. He played in ten finals during 1918-25.
  • Bjorn Borg played four singles finals without a victory. The years were 1976, '78, '80-81.
  • Bill Johnston had six losses in singles finals. The years were 1916, '20, '22-25.
  • Bill Johnston lost five single finals to Bill Tilden. The years were 1920, '22-25.
Women's Singles and Doubles Records
  • Martina Navratilova has 16 championships to her credit. Out of that four singles, nine doubles & three are mixed doubles.
  • Chris Evert has won the singles title six times out of that four are consecutive wins.
  • Molla B. Mallory played ten finals during 1915-18.
  • Chris Evert played six successive singles finals during 1975-80.
  • Evonne Goolagong Cawley played four singles finals without a victory. The years were 1973-76.
  • Louise Brough faced five losses in singles finals. The years were 1942-43, '48, '54, '57.
Mixed Doubles
  • Margaret O. duPont and Bill Talbert won four successive mixed doubles titles during 1943-46.
  • Edwin P. Fischer was a final winning team member on four occasions during 1894-96.
  • Margaret O. DuPont was a final winning team member on four occasions during 1943-46.
Most Tournaments and Matches
  • Vic Seixas played in 28 US Open tournaments. The years were 1940-42, '44, '46-69.
  • Martina Navratilova played 21 US Open tournaments during here career 1973-93.
  • Vic Seixas played in 24 successive tournaments during 1946-69.
  • Martina Navratilova played in 21 successive tournaments during 1973-93.
  • Jimmy Connors played 115 matches during 1970-89, '91-92.
  • Chris Evert played 113 matches during 1971-89.
Most Matches Won
  • Jimmy Connors won 98 matches during 1970-89, '91-92.
  • Chris Evert won 101 matches during 1971-89.
  • Bill Tilden won 42 successive matches during 1920-26.
  • Helen Wills Moody won 46 successive matches 1927-33.
  • Frank Sedgman won 28 successive sets during 1951-52.
  • Tony Trabert won 27 successive sets during 1953-54.
Youngest and Oldest Champions (Men)
  • Pete Sampras became the youngest US Open champion in 1990 (19 yrs, 28 days)
  • Ken Rosewall was the oldest US Open champion in 1970 (35 yrs, 10 months, 11 days)