Dining in US Open is in itself a delightful experience. Enjoy food in US Open and have tasty time while watching sports.

Dining in US Open

A tour of US Open could be a dining extravaganza too. Fulfilling the spectators' desire for a fulfilling noon or evening, US Open has a slew of places where you could enjoy food to your satisfaction. Levy Restaurants and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) have been partners for then years and this ensures a good dining experience for the visitors.

In US Open
Aces is designed to help spectators while away from tennis. This restaurant with airy space serves hyperseasonal seafood. Champions Bar & Grill have well prepared steaks and sauches. And all those drinks you would want. Heineken Red Star Café is less of a café and more of an outdoor sports pub. Mojito Restaurant & Bar has specialty cocktails to care for you. At Patio Café, it would be better if you stick to dessert or drinks. At US Open Club, you need a pass to get in.

Near US Open
If you find the restaurants at the US Open expensive, there are many good but not so pricey restaurants. These restaurants serve good food and the prices are reasonable. Some of these restaurants are casual while some are formal. Gala Manor is a Hong Kong style restaurant, known for its dim sums. At Il Toscano, you would get delicious meal within your budget. Italian specialties are served here. Jackson Diner is a nice place for Indian food. Tournesol could be your choice for French food. Uncle Jack's Steakhouse is a nice place to enjoy beef steeks. Sripraphai is a Thai eatery where you could cajole your taste buds before visiting the US Open. At Alpha Donuts you would get delicious fresh-made crullers. Visit Donovan's for an excellent burger and great beer. La Fusta's mixed grill is for those who believe only in red meat. For fantastic Mexican selection, visit La Flor.